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Situated on the East coast of the Arabian Peninsula, and in the south west corner at the Arabian Gulf. It is indeed popular for the warm reception and rich cultural legacy. The people out here are responsive and hospitable for its visitors. With the sun shining all through the year, fascinating deserts, alluring beaches, comfortable and luxury hotels and malls for shopping, appealing heritage allures and a prosperous business community.
Dubai draws millions of recreation and trading visitors every year from across the globe.
The local currency is the dirham, which was secured at AED 3.67 to 1 US dollar. Dubai is progressive and urbane and every-one is more than welcome. Islam majorly followed in the city, and its important for tourist visitors should adapt some integrity of cultural and be sensitive towards the religion throughout their stay there.
There have been observant and significant changes in Dubai, over the last few decades. It has been emerged as a leading business center, along with a productive and assorted economy. Dubai has a critical location and it acts as the biggest exporting center in the Middle east.
Its low operational and logistic expenditure and extreme well equipped infrastructure, great outlook and permissive government policies are drawing investors in a big way. Action such as trade, transport, tourism, industry and finance have shown constant growth and supported the economy to obtain a great extension and assortment.
The economy of Dubai savors an aggressive solution of money, market and atmosphere profit that platters an optimal and alluring contribution for local and expatriate businesses together. In fact, these benefits not only elevate the name of  Dubai as the Arabian Gulf’s leading multi-purpose business center and regional hub city, but they place it at the forefront of the globe’s, dynamic and growing market.
Dubai, along with its age old economic and oceanic practices, has long been pictured as the Middle East region’s highlighted trade hub and has come out as a key re-export at the center. During the last few years, the Emirate has become a main zone for a number of growing, profitable industries and activities.
 All this happened due to Dubai’s warmth in people, with state of art class facilities and infrastructure and far vision for an open and liberal economic policy. Finally, having committed to an ongoing progress, keen to grow and expand its economy and sub-side its dependency on emptying oil revenues, Dubai has started developing into the Arabian Gulf’s premier international business center. Consider the factors that participate to the success without a doubt.
The UAE provides great priority to education, which is an age old aspect. Education in the UAE has emerged from the simple age old methods and is in line with the latest international standards.
This expansion in education system started on December 2, 1971 when the alliance of the UAE was declared and federal ministries were set up along with the Ministry of Education, which was given authority with the job of directing education at a national level. This led to the growth of public (government) schools, which became armed with the latest educational methods. To add on, educational missions were introduced from Arab countries to help and participate in developing modern education, producing an educational smash that led to elevation of educated citizens and to the removal of illiteracy.
The government of Dubai is very keen on the health and safety of its citizens, residents and Visitors, along with Dubai Health Authority to make sure about the plan of world-class health services.
 There are numerous options available to protect individuals and enhance their health:
*Online health services
*General Heath Service
*Licensing services
*Statistical services
*Children’s health
The vice president and the prime Minister of Dubai, initiated a build green economy for constant development.
Relocating to a completely new country is a task easier said than done, especially when you have family moving along with you. Relocating to a different country and getting accustomed into a new phase of life is a stage of sentimental and substantial turmoil that needs to be dealt with intelligence with the accurate support and advice from friends, families.
A changed style of living reflects to start up things almost again from scrape, counting on the travel costs, visa process, health and medical evaluation, accommodation, get to know the culture, new home & workplace, new friends, organizing for a driver’s license, making up telephone and satellite connections, picking up the best school for your children and much more.
 It becomes vital to organize all of this with much intelligence, ample research, patience to get the deserved results and output. It would definitely become easier, with a little backend information about the new country and its systems. At times, Employers support and provide help by granting funds for the travel costs or organizing for a new house, but all this cannot be banked upon, as it varies from employer to employer. In a scenario as such, a trusted and established relocation company might be of great help.
As it is often said, there are few places wherein the families and jobs get equal chances to grow. Dubai can be termed as an ideal city, where in you and your family would enjoy and grow together, enjoying the city together.
Apart from GCC nationals, other nationality citizens, pondering to shift bag and baggage to Dubai, need to apply for an employment visa, a legal document is binding to reside and work in UAE. Once arrived, a health card is required, led by a residence permit stamp on the passport along with a labor card, extremely important if you intend to work at the private sector. For people working for the government sector, it will take the required steps in order complete the process.
The health card is a prime necessity for an expat to get a residency visa and labor card. This is arranged by experiencing medical and blood tests upholding that he/she are designated to health care options in Dubai. 
Private sector companies oblige their employees by covering health insurance for them, but if not so, then it becomes all the more important to obtain the card to cover medical expenses at government hospitals.
The health card is renewable every year, residence visas expire post three years and called invalid if the expat resides outsides UAE for a continuous period of more than six months.
Things to know, before moving into Dubai
People opt to move in to Dubai, seeking for a quality life, in order to save money as there is no taxes out here, and look for a better life, under the shine of its bright sun.
 Indeed, the winters in Dubai are the best part of the year, considering the right kind of environment to steal the show, being outdoors.
The winters are quite benign and sunny throughout, making them the best winters around the world.
At times, Dubai also gets windy, comprising of thunderstorms, carrying rain and hail along.
However, when the rains come, there is a possibility of floods, even in the homes, as most of the house don’t have a water proof roof.
 Seasons from the months May to October are extremely hot and humid, with a temperature generally exceeds 50 degrees along with a more than 90 percent humidity.
But the best part about the country is that one would find air conditioners everywhere.
And the people out here, manage the scorching heat remaining in the air conditioned environment.
Taxes in Dubai
Currently there are no Income Taxes in Dubai. But still one cannot say the life here is really tax free. They have a municipality tax on property, a 5 percent of rent per annum. A 0.5 percent of the total price, in case it’s an owned home. Interestingly, alcohol is charged at 30 percent, along with a 5 percent tax on entertainment and a dining experience with alcohol and food at the restaurant would incur a 10 percent tax.
Houses are more than safe in Dubai
Even at times, when there has been massive earthquakes in the neighboring areas, Dubai tall buildings, though shaken, but none have collapsed. According to the municipality, the building built in Dubai, over the last two decades strictly follow the regulations and abide by the measures instilled in order to move through such natural calamities and ensuring the safety of the occupants.
No doubt it’s a place to live in
Dubai portrays around 235,000 houses, although 70 percent of the population here, live in rented homes.
The municipality allows one to rent out a home anywhere in Dubai, and you may own a house in the designated free-hold areas.
Safe for the people
Dubai is called the safest city in the world, the cops moving around are honest, polite and helpful at all times, although might appear a little slow with their duties and activities.
There are a few guidelines to follow in Dubai, on the Islamic terms as well, that a person cannot talk rude, or be intimate with anyone openly here.
Drug offenders are punished severely here, and the severely of the punishment also depends on the culture and nationality of the person.
You cannot afford to bounce a cheque here in Dubai. In fact, there is a special team in the police looking after this area.
Database made out of DNA
Well, the ID cards allotted to the people out here, does contain the DNA details and the fingerprints.
Its sometimes very easy to get behind the bars here in Dubai, as most of the offenses to the severe crimes, the jail penalty is for almost everyone.
Like if you bounce a cheque, take prescribed medicines, without one, if you swear wrong, carrying banned medicines, etc.
So, one needs to be a little more cautious when travelling or moving to Dubai.
Schools in Dubai
 Dubai hosts around 85 schools in its vicinity, offering an entire range of curriculum designed from kids in the kindergarten to higher studies.
Girls’ education is given the equal importance as compared to a boy being educated here.
Maids and helps here in Dubai
Dubai follows a norm to hire a maid or a help, from Asia only. There are numerous agencies, providing you help almost instantly, they are literally just a call away, and they will come themselves are your doorstep and that too at reasonable rates.
You also would have an option to keep your own maid, but it would be on your responsibility and you will have to sponsor them.
Living standard Cost
The living standard has indeed elevated, thanks to the development over the last few decades.
In a survey, Dubai has been ranked at the 34th most expensive city across the globe, major back up by the rents of homes and the school fees, have been a major part making the city quite expensive.
Getting your Family to Dubai
For the families of people working or trading in Dubai, shall apply an entry residence visa, within the first 30 days of their entry in the country, so that to attain a residence stamp. So as to make the visa continue to work, the family should not leave UAE for more than 6 months.
Moving House Hold items to Dubai
If you want your house hold possessions to accompany you to Dubai, first and foremost look for a reliable shipping company, as this would actually give the confidence of carrying your loved goods with ease and care.
Then If you are confused what all to carry with you, we have a guide that might help you take the lead forward:
The voltage of Dubai is not compatible with electric goods from USA and Canada, because of the voltage issue, however if want to bring in those goods here, you would require to treat them with a convertor and adaptors. 
If in case you are looking to Cargo ship your item over to Dubai, there are a few custom rules that need to be followed, 
*if in case you are looking to ship in new items, there are a few taxes involved, that are calculated in terms of the object being shipped.
*all the items would be inspected.
*you might be able to ship out house hold goods and daily use items duty-free, but you must obtain a residence permit.
*There are a few documents that you would have to keep in hand, like:
a) Two copies of the original Passport
b) A UAE Residence Permit
c) Employment Proof
d) Inventory mentioned with the details of items being shipped listed in English language.
e) Original along with two copies of the Insurance Certificate
Items Prohibited to move to Dubai
There is a list of items prohibited to enter the boundaries of the country, no matter what they are not allowed inside Dubai, and would be detained at the airport itself. 
 *Any written, verbal audio, videos that insults Islam, or says anything against the religion
*weapons and fire arms, even toys in the shape of make of a weapon
*liquor and Alcohol, including wine
*all endangered species and their byproducts
*equipment related to communication, wireless transmission items
*money counterfeited
Shipping Cars to Dubai
If you want to ship out your car or any other vehicle over to Dubai, you need an expert company. Be informed and prepared to pay the duty taxes, and fee related to the vehicle, as it is different depending on the new, old vehicles. Also you would require a valid residence Visa, so that your car can be registered. Before the shipment of the vehicle, there are some papers to be submitted, like:
*original registration documents of the car
*Deed or Title of the car
*Purchasing Invoice of the car
*Origin certificate
*passport copy
*Insurance policy of the vehicle
*ownership proof
Also, please note, that vehicle with a tinted glass is prohibited in the UAE.
Moving over to Dubai with Pets
As the population is increasing in Dubai, people from all over the globe are coming to settle down in the country, their furry buddies accompany them too.
 Dubai could not be the most pet friendly place in that case then;
Accounting on the fact on the religious belief about Dogs is that they are dirty, unclean, so people specially the origins of the city dislike dogs and there are a few set of people who are against keeping pets and dogs. 
Secondly blaming on the heat of the city, it is quite not a favorable temperature to keep this breed happy. And no matter they would stay in Ac all day, they do need their walks, and making them moving in the heat can be dangerous for both, pet and the owner.
Most of the parks around, don’t allow pets, however there are a few dog parks too.
If in case you still decide to get them along, they would have to come by Cargo only.
This process would indeed require a lot of paper work and could be a little expensive too.
Here is a list of things you need to figure out for the shifting of your pet:
As the most of the people live on rent here, at least initially you would be living in an apartment, where in you might not find enough space to keep a large dog though, and most of the apartments are fully furnished, and the owners might say a NO to pets. So you would need to check on it as well.
*No Place to walk the dogs
As there is no designated area for pet walks here, unless you own or rent a Villa, very few parks have an option to walk with your dog. Walking them on the road is equally not a good option, as the vehicle move on a good speed and they are not used to of seeing animals on road.
*The UAE has no detailing or Quarantine laws, so if you plan to stay at a Hotel initially, do plan out for kennel services done even before you arrive. According to the law, the kennel official should be there to receive your pet, once it lands and take it along. Shipping and the kennel arrangements are to be done by the owner itself.
The Procedure to bring in your Pet along
If in case you decide to move in Dubai along with your pet, there are a few documents required, and should also be sent to the Human Resources around three weeks prior the arrival of the pet.
After the receiving of these documents, the HR dept. send them to the Ministry of Agriculture, for inspecting and reviewing so that the import permit is generated.
This permit is valid for the first 60 days. In order to get the permit, there is a list of documents to be submitted, and also the originals need to be carried in order to receive the pet.
*Fitness Certificate
This should be a letter from a registered vet in your country that would state the physical and mental fitness of your pet in order to travel to a new country. This certificate also should contain a positive affirmation about your pet not carrying Rabies, should be duly signed and stamped.
*Vaccination Certificate
This should be again signed and stamped by the vet, stating the complete vaccination record of the pet along with dates.
A valid rabies vaccination is a must in order to get an Import Permit.
 All the dogs that are above the age of 4 months should be vaccinated alteast a month prior to the travel arrival, and not more than 1 one year before.
Animals must be examined 48 hours prior to their travel date in order to ensure their good health, examining for any contagious disease or any parasite, internal or external.
*Microchip Number
All the pets are to be micro-chipped and their number should be mentioned in all the documents.
*Also attach a copy of the owner’s Passport
Arrangements for the travel
There are numerous option to choose from, depending on the owner’s discreet:
*All by yourself
Many of the owners want to plan out things all by themselves, starting from the paper work, to the comfort of the pet while travelling, and the care they must be given on the way. Indeed is becomes vital to know all the laws, instructions and the rest of the information to ensure a smooth transition of the pet. You would be required to find out with the airlines, look for kennel services etc.
Pet Relocation Companies
If in case you already have a lot to take care of, there are various pet Relocation services available. They would do all the duties for you and take the fee for it, they are specialized to abide by the laws and make sure for a smooth journey for your furry buddy. 
Kennel Service Companies
There are a few kennel services companies, who would work out things for you, and also provide day care and kennel services after the pet arrives at the new place.
Even though pet exercising is an option tough here in Dubai, still you would find pet services like, Pet Grooming, Pet Shops, Clinics, and Pet Sitting services to make sure to keep your pet healthy and Happy with you in Dubai.