Trekking is conceivable whenever of the year depending on where you are going . The trekking season in Nepal is administered by the rainstorm period of the rains, however there are ranges in Nepal where storm isn't not disturbing the trekking exercises. October however may is great month during which treks are arranged by the majority of the trekkers, may to September isn't trek by many individuals yet the region behind Himalayas like horse or dolpo are extremely decent place to trek in this season.

Trekking in Nepal can be attempted during the time depending on the season.

A year is partitioned into 4 unique seasons in Nepal and each season has its distinct appreciation for offer for trekking and endeavor in Nepal.

Harvest time (Sept – Nov)

This is the best time when you can expect better perceivability, natural air, and the ideal climate. This season likewise covers the most essential celebrations of Nepal like Dashain and Tihar. Fall season is otherwise called the best season that offers incredible climate and tantalizing mountain sees.

Winter (Dec – Feb)

This season is noted for periodic snowfall and the air can be very cool at higher elevation. Henceforth it is perfect for trekking at just lower heights, for the most part beneath 3000 meters and offers tantalizing mountain sees.

Spring (March – May)

Trekking in spring is especially flawless as the mountain inclines are secured with wonderful and bright blossoms and still have a lot of high snow to upgrade your photographs. The temperature is very direct and the mountain sees are amazing.

Summer (June – August)

This is the most loved season to trek in the rain shadow regions like Upper Mustang, Dolpo and Kailash. This season is additionally prescribed for backwoods specialists and botanist.

Mid Sept-October – November/(early)December: this is Nepal's pinnacle and best time to go trekking. February-March-April: this is the finish of the dry season and the second best season to go trekking. November/December to January/February: the skies are clear yet it can get extremely frosty and there is a danger of passes being shut because of snow. May – June: This is Nepal's hot pre-rainstorm season and it can get warm indeed. The valleys however are starting to blossom with blooms however. June – Mid September: this is Monsoon season and the slightest well known time to go trekking in Nepal.