• Publish on 2020-05-04 21:07:43
We add value to the logistics Industry!
The food and the beverage sector in India is indeed on an ultimate high. At the moment the industry is said to be growing with an annual upsurge of 23-24 percent. There are many new joiners as well as established giants offering exceptional growth and advanced technology that has made production all the more inventive, expedient and express.
Brands, chains as well as small scale companies are all thriving hard towards making the sector as accessible as possible. However we cannot deny the fact this is one sphere of the industry that certainly needs a well sorted, connected and established infrastructure, be it for the production, concepts, distribution or transportation for that matter. The timely distribution is an integral part of this industry, whereas it is becoming all the more important and requires sorted segregation so that it is apt and up to the mark, processing of the food and beverages are important like never before.
However this goes without saying that this sector too is facing countless challenges that are faced and dealt with on a daily basis. The basic vision of most plays in this industry focuses upon swift deliveries and distribution while retaining the finest quality, undoubtedly.
1- This is the exact scenario, Trucking Cube steps in with its own set of imperative solutions, connecting the major and upcoming players to the direct markets, faster, accurately and by maintaining high quality for that matter! 
2- Being a large and an organized sector, there are many advancements being made in the Food & Beverage section in the last few years. The modern form of production incessantly rules the core of this business. However the transportation needs a sincere reevaluation.
3- In order to address this gap and also ensure the consumers get to pay while they expectations are well met, we offer some of the most pioneering and advanced transportation solutions that strike a deal of a difference and redefine the essence of distribution, as far as the Food industry is concerned.
What do we do?
4- Well, as there are countless logistics companies around, it’s almost impossible to figure out the one company that makes it possible that food reach on time, offering a great deal of benefit to the companies as well as the consumers.
5- At the moment there is a huge gap between the production and the transportation, particularly in the food industry, wherein most logistics companies overlook the importance of hiring technically skilled and well that drivers and trucking solutions. This is the precise gap, wherein we strike the balance!
6- We offer a relay transportation method in order to ensure the food products and the beverage rang reach on time, while quality is certainly the best when fresh. 
7- Don’t bother about delays while you can incessantly rule out the option of the food products getting any sort of damage, especially when we are around!
8- There is no doubt that India has a great agricultural wealth. We will step in order to ensure the production is done within the minimum Turn-around-Time, so that you can give the freshest produce and look for suitable profits for sure.
Some intriguing facts that led to the revolution
Since we have been in to the transportation business since decades now. We were keen on expanding further to the daily needs. We observed a sever lack, while noticed a major wastage in terms of late deliveries, ripe produce etc that altogether disrupted the supply chain.
A lot of companies located in remote places of the country, had to withdraw their production, fearing the long distance and the delay in deliveries. We step in to solve any and all of your similar worries, without doubt, right here!
Why choose us?
Bring storage costs down
Now instead of making food sit in your storage, you can simply load them in to the fortified trucks, while we would assure to bring down the transition costs, significantly.
Faster deliveries
Just like your pizza comes on time, we ensure to spend adequate amount of time and efforts towards bringing this down, bringing the market closer, without spoiling or exploring any food item, fresh or preserved.
Or team at the Trucking Cube is certainly a reliable partner; the one you needed by your side in order to bridge the gaps and offer an effective and modest transportation partner.