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How Trucking Cube (container) is the Best Trucking Solution? The logistics sector in India gives a livelihood to more than 22 million people, which is expected to grow considerably in the next few years. The adoption of automated ways in operation and advanced digital technologies would result in the 10% indirect reduction in cost of logistics, positively transforming the current situation of Indian Logistics and putting the country in great stead with other countries such as US, Japan, China, etc. when it comes to the national and international trade. The industry is growing at a good rate, making a noteworthy contribution to the GDP of India. Even though, there are certain problems, which act as a hindrance in its growth route. The increased cost of logistics has a negative impact on the economy and thus, the factors responsible for it must be addressed and resolved. Let’s study these problems in detail to know how they affect the performance of the logistics service vendors. Transshipment When the mode of conveyance is modified during the transportation and goods are placed into another carrier then this process is termed as transshipment. It can take place due to a mechanical problem in the booked truck or multimodal logistics. The process of shifting of possessions manually from truck to truck involves a greater risk of breakage and damage. The surface logistics in India leads to a huge annual loss to the industry- 42,000 Crore. Therefore, there should be a smart way out to carry out transshipment. Undeveloped Infrastructure As most of the goods transportation is carried out in India through road. The road network is not fully developed due to which cases of mechanical issues in the trucks are increasing. One of the Business Standard’s articles highlighted the conversation with Mr. Ramesh Agarwal, Chairman (APML) that government should concentrate on the road infrastructure as well as policy implementation for easy functioning of the logistics companies. According to him, During transportation nearly 1/3rd of the time goes in negotiating with the police performing duties on the national highways in different districts. Inappropriate Storage and Warehouse The industry is unequipped with the proper storage for the protection of products that are sensitive to temperatures. The pharmacy and farm (fruits and vegetable) produce get spoiled if they are exposed to temperatures higher than the predefined limits. Oxidization happens during long hours of transportation. Furthermore, there is a shortage of land for the purpose of warehousing in the country. The poor condition of the current warehouses makes an addition to the cost of logistics. There are no security devices; storage racks installed and ceilings are not leakproof. Such a condition can never keep your goods in a safe condition. Therefore, a solution is needed for this problem. Significant Wastage of Carrier Space Shifting can be expensive when you hire common trucks as you are bound to make payment for the entire area even if you own a small-sized or lesser-volume consignment. There is 15% of area wastage on average in the trailer, which counts to a loss of almost 19,000 crores to the logistics service sector All these issues not only make a reason for loss to the company but also affect the client-company relationship. Thus, the need of the hour is to get a permanent way out to all of them. The Trucking Cube (container) is a thoughtful concept introduced in the industry by Mr. Ramesh Agarwal, chairman of the leading transportation and logistics service provider “Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd.” With the relevant and rich industry experience of more than 30 years, he is well aware of the key challenges faced by the truck rental companies. The Research & Development team of APML under the assistance of the chairman carried out extensive research to find an all-round solution to the above-discussed problems. Hence, the outcome of their intelligence and hard work is this “Trucking Cube (container). If you’re keen to know about what makes this concept advantageous for truck rental service provider and seeker then keep scrolling down… Definition of Trucking Cube (container) A Trucking Cube (container) is an exclusive storage area that is designed for individual customers to store their goods. For instance, when you choose a cube for moving your belongings then this particular cube is utilized for storing your essentials dedicatedly. The above cycle shows the benefits of the special storage cubes. Here is how they helped to overcome the problems in the logistics transportation service sector. A Permanent Way Out to Goods Transshipment Primarily, this concept is brought with a motive to resolve the issue of goods transshipment, which is the main cause of huge losses to both client and moving company. When the need for a change of conveyance during the process arises then the packers lift this entire shipping box with a crane and place it atop another carrier. Your goods remain enclosed in the container and get transshipment without any damage. Maintenance of TTSPP & Farm Items Oxidization or rancidity is to be blamed for the damage/spoilage of Time & Temperature-sensitive Pharmacy Products and Farm items. These products should be kept in the temperature-controlled environment for the maintenance of freshness throughout the movement. Keeping the probability of rancidity in mind, the company installed Air-Circulation System in the containers. The practicality of the system is that it keeps regulating air inside the cube to prevent oxidization. No More Wastage of Carrier Space You would be really grateful to the company who has addressed the issue of space wastage and brought an effective solution too. The trucking cubes are offered in distinct sizes ranging from 4-feet to 20-feet. On contacting the company for transportation services, you’re asked to choose a shipping container that matches to your cargo’s size most appropriately. This cube size selection shows a direct impact on the cost of moving as you’re charged as per the chosen container. This means your relocation quotation doesn’t include an additional cost for the vacant space on the hired truck. The company smartly utilizes the unused space and adds a value-added facility to its bouquet of services for its customers that is the shipment of car and cargo in one trailer. This is a great facility for those who have a four-wheeler. With container trucking, you can transport your cargo as well as car in one go, eliminating the requirement of separate truck booking for both the properties. Virtual Warehouses Come to the Rescue The trucking cubes impress everyone by performing as Virtual Warehouses. Wondering what does it mean? They act as exclusive warehouses for you and give you all those facilities that you get from a regular warehouse. Just like typical warehouses are secured with a lock, they are also locked with your lock and also keys are handed over to you. Your goods remain safe under all weather conditions and there is no issue of goods theft in the warehouse. The credit goes to the well-built structure of the containers that are prepared as per the ISO standards. The main advantage of the virtual warehouses is that unlike typical warehouses, you can get the storage facility in these cubes in any corner of the desired location and at any time. This has become possible due to their easy portability. They can be lifted and dropped at any place with ease and safety. Miscellaneous Plus Points of Trucking Cubes Track from Anywhere, Anytime In addition to the above benefits, the GPS tracking system in the trucking cubes has made the fleet management easier for the company while providing the convenience of consignment tracking to the moving clients. With GPS trackers installed in the shipping containers and fleet vehicles, you will receive real-time data of the current location of your container. This would help you know whether the shipment is moving on time or is delayed due to several reasons, including traffic jams, accidents, or road construction. You’ll get a unique GC number after deal finalization with the company, which is used to track the consignment online at your comfort without bothering the vehicle driver. Track here. No More Worries about the Safety of Goods The safety belts and net are used for securing goods in place so they can’t move during transportation. Additionally, a safety floor pad with shock-absorbing properties is used on the container’s floor to avoid damage to goods due to shocks or jerks. Hence, with such premium-quality safety features, you need not worry about the protection of your freight. Furthermore, this company proves its genuineness by offering you the risk coverage for the shipped possessions. This means that despite taking proper safety measures and using safety equipment if goods get damaged then you can ask for the claim. The professionals promise quick settlement of claims to avoid inconvenience. Thumbs Up for this! Profitable for the Company A concept can never be effective if it doesn’t provide profits to the company. This extraordinary idea of container trucking takes care of the company’s requirements too. An article in Business Standard explains that trucking cube has reduced the costs by 6% and enhanced the efficiency by 200% with zero transshipment shipping method. The company uses single 32-feet Container Trucks for transportation of car and freight that takes down the fuel expenditure. Apart from this, the idea of a virtual warehouse shows a 30% reduction in the rental and operational cost of the warehouse. Also, the packing cost is minimized by 15% on account of low ply utilization. Words of Conclusion We appreciate this mind-blowing concept by APML that is actually beneficial from both the company and customer’s point of view. The cubes help the packers and movers to assure the complete protection of their valuable essentials, which further assist them to built and strengthen their business relationship with the clients. The customers also have a trustworthy moving partner on whom they can bank upon for their residential, commercial, or industrial moving needs.