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Freight forwarders are companies or person that executes the shipping process for a person or corporations or in short we can say a freight forwarders arrange the transportation services to transport consignment from one location to another. The freight forwarder costs mainly depend on consignment's volume, mode of transport ( train, ship, aircraft, lorry, etc.), rout. A good freight forwarder know the best way of transportation for specific type of consignments.

A good freight forwarder should have ability to make cheaper and easy moving. Freight forwarder coordinates with each carriers to move the cargo form source to desire location without getting any delay. No one has all the logistics assets like lorry, trucks, ships, plane and warehouses. So, freight forwarders play main role here, they contacts to other service providers and avails the best service to their clients. There are many companies in india such as Truckingcube who has the licence & certifications to get the quote on Air & Sea from many carriers in less prices.

Dealing with small companies, you should always have to choose a big organization, if you have option and Truckingcube is one of the best and large organization in India.

Benefits with TruckingCube

  • Live tracking feature with this customers can track their consignment real time location.
  • Pay as per the cube size and with this feature your forwarding cost will be low.
  • Pay only for occupied space, it means you will have to only pay for space which is occupied by your goods.
  • Insurance Against any kind of damages.
  • Storage and warehouse facility.